Monday, February 14, 2005

It flunked yet again?

WOW, the missile defense system flunked yet another test in its bid to cost the US taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars, which will immediately be given to Boeing Co., GE, and Lockheed Martin, who are building the systems.

You'd think that since they want it to succeed so much they could do tests that it would pass. But no, it's such a lamo system that it flunks.

Not to mentions the more obvious things that many people have pointed out, such as the fact that if we were really under missile attack (highly fucking unlikely since it would mean suicide to whoever was bombing us) that the perpetrators could send out decoy missiles for the missile defense system to attack, while sending a real attack slightly behind. There's just no fucking way this system can save us from fucking anything. They just want $300 billion handed to them in a further continuation of the military industrial complex. It's bullshit, a very large stack of bullshit!

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