Sunday, November 07, 2004


Have you read this:

"In Colombia, another forgotten imperial catastrophe, the full benefits of US style democracy have been available to an ungrateful population for nearly 40 years. Only just recently on August 6th, three more trades unionists, this time in the Arauca department, discovered the essential truths underlying their country's good fortune. They were murdered by members of the "Reveis Pizarro" Mechanised Battalion of the US trained and financed Colombian army.

Their deaths and that of campesino leader Pedro Mosquera in October confirmed Colombia as the world champion of trades union repression. This in its turn more than explains the country's world ranking at number three in terms of US military aid. US taxpayers and their representatives clearly like nothing better than a genuine commitment to "free trade" demonstrated by the extermination of organized labor. (3)

Earlier this year, to emphasise the success of the US war on drugs in their country, active drugs dealing paramilitaries of the AUC terrorist group addressed the Colombian national assembly. Several of these acknowledged criminals, like Salvatore Mancuso, were wanted by the United States authorities. Unappreciative relatives of some of the thousands of people murdered by the AUC protested - outside, duly supervised by armed police.

For a judicial exposé of the real measure of the horror of the criminality of the United States and its allies one has to go to Chile. Remember how people like Tony Blair's model Margaret Thatcher and renowned war criminal Henry Kissinger fell over themselves to protect Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet from due process after he was nabbed on a shopping trip to Harrods? Now judicial investigations have revealed that Pinochet was a corrupt crook, milking the Chilean State for millions of US dollars that he stashed away in the prestigious top-drawer Riggs Bank in the United States. He was unable to cover his tracks for those crimes.(4)"

Well, if you haven't, get on over to ZNET and read it. It's under global
economics. Solo.

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