Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Real Moron

Hey, I got this wonderful article of someone (a computer tech, not a reporter, dipshit) at CNN rightfully calling
pictures of george bush "asshole.jpg" and "moron.jpg". Too funny, but they
were caught, so CNN had to apologize, sort of.

as you may know.

I found it from the downtown republicass-here,
bless her little, little, little, soul,
who of course says this means we've got one uhh 'dem dare "liberally biased media"
problems in this here god-fearing country, since CNN, like FOX, is
constantly complaining about war, publicly calling bush an idiot, dumbfuck,
moron, asshole, diarrhea-brained, fuck-wad, shithole, no good piece of
shit bastard, right there on their nightly broadcasts. And especially since
this guy who is responsible for putting up the web-site called the photos
"asshole" and "moron".
GOD DAMN DARNIT ANYHOO, them damn liberally biiassed meedia in 'dis cuntry are
reallly brinin' uss dowhn.

Boy, kids, if only we din't have such a dern liberal media, then we could get away
with killing 50,000 Afghanistan people, and over 100,000 Iraqi people, all of who
are not named "Osama", and 75% of them women and children with no guns.
god damn you liberal media. What? We are killing over 50,000 Afghanis and over 100,000 Iraqis, and getting away with it with no mainstream media complaints? Oh,
well that's just we got that liberalll media working at naming 'dem 'dare photos and what not, and
the christian right voting
on bush saying he'll do right by his "faith".Ooopsy.

jesus fuckin' christ, it's enough to make you scream, if you can find the time to
scream between trying to eat everyday, etc., thanks to bush sending more than 2.6 million jobs overseas to sweatshops his first four years. I cun heardlee wait for
the next dern four years!

OK, later.

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