Thursday, March 17, 2005

i'm lazy, so no work for you this week...

OK, two posts in a row quoting someone else's post.
check out this guy-
, with this log of blog. it's rather insightful.

26 prisoners in Iraq and Afganistan tortured to death.  When the Abu Graib shit came out before, the slope-skulls argued that it was not nearly as bad as what happened under Saddam, and the Iraqis should thank us for the gentle torturing, etc.  I suppose the next logical place to go is numbers: "we may torture to death a few dozen Iraqis, but Saddam tortured thousands to death - thus those that live should thank us for sparing their lives."

Saturday, March 12, 2005

bad gov., bad, bad gov.

there's some interesting commentary on the new BS bankruptcy bill. I don't think it can pass, though, because what
would that mean for the rich who occasionally do it to unload debt?

Are these two totally different things? I guess I better go read the bill, but I know it ain't good.

this site here

Here's a good excerpt:
If we ever needed proof that we are not represented by our own government, this is it. No one wanted this bill except the consortium of credit card companies that drafted it, but it still passed the Senate 74-25. Why? Because Senators know who pays for their campaign war-chests. Yes, this is yet another go-around on the ridiculous wheel that is our political system, where in order to keep a job meant to serve the people of the country, our elected leaders enact laws that punish instead. Effective democracy? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? I do wonder when the Senate will start enacting legislation on behalf of whatever countries loan us money. Can't be too far off.

I know I'm the one who's always saying we should expect nothing less from our current crop of elected leaders. This bill, however, is particularly brazen. It is also pointlessly cruel, given the circumstances of over half the bankruptcies in the country. Couple that with the fact that even after all the proposed amendments to make it less vindictive failed, 18 Democrats still voted for it, and you realize that it's no laughing matter.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

No Crying Allowed

I immediately found this title amusing today:

"Eight-year-old arrested after alleged tantrum"

But then upon reading the article, it was more clear-cut. Still funny, but
kinda legit.

And this other article stating that Ward Churchill will not be fired was also great. The president of
the school even said that the uproar over his essay was simply due to "a new McArthyism", that horrible
jackass responsible for "communist" hunting a little over 50 years ago.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I will not salute the flag, I will not recite the pledge of allegiance

For those who haven't seen it yet, like me about 5 minutes ago, this is
quite interesting. A teacher in new jersey greets his students by yelling at
them everyday, demanding they obey and salute the flag, etc.

A small group of students, fed up with schooling from g.w.bush/hitler person,
decide to not obey. He gets angry and actually goes over and pulls the chair out
from under the kid who refused, AS IS HIS RIGHT, to not stand up for the national

Obviously, sick, gross, what else can you say.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Have you seen my Balls? They're big, and salty, and brown!

Have you heard of a crazy little thing called AIDS? OK.
Have you heard that it kills more people than are born in
Did you know that AIDS was created in a secret united states
laboratory to wipe out the black race entirely so that whites
have more land to move to and exploit, and have been intentionally
poisoning African blood for over 20 years?

Well then, I guess you may have never heard my conspiracy theories on the

Monday, February 21, 2005

No, No, No Thompson, you son of a bitch

The great Hunter S. Thompson is gone. How sad can one day possibly be. he's another
in the long list of "I never thought they'd kill themselves" people.

Well, goodbye, I will miss you like crazy.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Well, mr. negroponte is up for another promotion. Yes, he was responsible for many thousands of
people slaughtered in South Central America in the 80s, and yes he has been a special ambassador
for Iraq lately.

The bush team is just one criminal following another, with all CEOs running gov't departments. What
a joke this is, but there's no way out of it besides, say, VOTING!!!

I noticed that RUFN Kidding is
talking about this, and well, it is indeed a tragedy. There's no stopping these criminals though, until they
are voted out of office, or bombed out!

And Chomsky has some good, though he's said it before if you're a follower, thoughts responding to al-qaeda
type terrorists, and the terror they're replying to.

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